2008-11-04 Flood in Vietnam on 04 November, 2008

Emergency Obs. Request Information

  • Disaster Type: Flood
  • Country: Vietnam
  • Occurrence Date (UTC):
  • SA activation Date(UTC): 04 November, 2008
  • Requester: Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (VAST)
  • Escalation to the International Charter:
  • GLIDE Number:

Disaster Situation

You may know already that a historical rains have occurred in North of Vietnam from the Oct. 31 till now. The Hanoi City is heavily flooded. I would like you to assist in getting PALSAR data for Hanoi before Oct. 31 and after that. Flash flood, land slide in the north-west part of Hanoi (Vinh Phuc province) can happen any time so I would like to get SAR data for this area also.