2010-04-11 Flood in Tajikistan on 11 April, 2010

Emergency Obs. Request Information

  • Disaster Type: Flood
  • Country: Tajikistan
  • Occurrence Date (UTC):
  • SA activation Date(UTC): 11 April, 2010
  • Requester: CESCD
  • Escalation to the International Charter:
  • GLIDE Number:

Disaster Situation

As a result of heavy rains in the Vose flood happened (in the river Ehsu) water about 200 meters out from the river bank. Due to heavy rains the water level in the river Yakhsu increased, and spilled rivers. 147 families living in this village, were promptly evacuated and accommodated in nearby villages. Currently the situation is under management's control of CoES. In addition, heavy rains caused damage on the eve of the residents of Kulyab Muminabad and Shuroabad area, as well as some areas of the republican subordination Normal002falsefalsefalseEN-USJAAR-SAMicrosoftInternetExplorer4st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) }

Satellite Image

 Before Disaster



ALOS PSM,P200 F2835 A1.2,Jan. 12,2010

 After Disaster



ALOS PSM,P200 F2835 A1.2,April 14,2010