2013-08-19 Flood in Philippines on 19 August, 2013

Emergency Obs. Request Information

  • Disaster Type: Flood
  • Country: Philippines
  • Occurrence Date (UTC):
  • SA activation Date(UTC): 19 August, 2013
  • Requester: The ASEAN Secretariat
  • Escalation to the International Charter:
  • GLIDE Number:

Disaster Situation

EOR is for flooding in Metro Manila, Philippines, due to TC Trami or Maring. Outlying areas south of the metropolis are also being flooded. There is interest and concern over impact and damage areas attributed to the possible u-turn of this TC and consequent worsening of rainfall and flooding.

Satellite Image

 Before Disaster



ALOS Pan-sharpen, P93 F3310 A0.0, Feb 2, 2010


ALOS Pan-sharpen, P93 F3320 A0.0, Feb 2, 2010