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2020-01-24 Turkey Earthquake on 24 Jan., 2020

Emergency Obs. Request Information

  • Disaster Type: Earthquake
  • Country: Turkey
  • Occurrence Date (UTC): 24 January, 2020
  • SA activation Date(UTC): 25 January, 2020
  • Requester: Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD)
  • Escalation to the International Charter: No
  • GLIDE Number:

Disaster Situation

6.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in Elazig - Sivrice (Province - District) according to AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, TURKEY). The earthquake occurred at 17.55 am (UTC - 20.55 Local time) and had a depth of 6,75km. It was also strongly felt in near 5 provinces (12 districts). Preleminary estimation reports (and information coming from area) indicates tens of collapsed / heavily damaged buildings and fatalities.




Sentinel-1 InSAR Analysis of Elazig Earthquake, Turkey
Jan. 28, 2020

Satellite Image

 After Disaster



Feb. 1, 2020