Sentinel Asia

How to send Emergency Observation Request

With the transition of the Sentinel Asia system, Emergency Observation Request (EOR) process has changed in 2019. Below is the manual for new EOR process.
JPT member organizations are able to utilize EORs to gather information on major disasters in the Asia-Pacific region from the following satellites: ALOS-2 (JAXA), Resourcesat-2, CARTOSAT-2, RISAT-1 (ISRO), Thaichote (GISTDA) ), VNREDSat-1 (VAST), TeLEOS-1 (CRISP) , DubaiSat-2, KhalifaSat (MBRSC) and FORMOSAT-5 (NARL).

There are two ways to request for EOR,
-Request for EOR through the OPTEMIS (ID and Password required):
*In order to create an OPTEMIS account,
1.Fill out the OPTEMIS Account Registration Form from the link below.
2.Access the link below, click “User Account” on the left column, then click “Register”, and fill out the form. The account will be authorized later by the site administrator.

-Sending E-mail with EOR form to the Order Desk (ADRC):
Use EOR form below. Please fill out the form, and send it to the Order Desk

Request form [16 Jan 2018] ( Word)

*When sending in an EOR,
- Be sure to fill out all of the form with requested information, especially the contact information of disaster prevention organization.
- Cooperate with the local disaster prevention organizations to ensure that the disaster response activities can be performed quickly and effectively.

EOR Order Desk:
Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC)
FAX: +81-78-262-5546,
TEL: +81-78-262-5540

-After making an EOR, please send feedback to the order desk (ADRC) by completing the following questionnaire online. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve Sentinel Asia activities. We look forward to receiving your honest comments and suggestions.

*Request to DPN members:
When formulating an observation plan for an EOR, please inform the Requesting Organization (RO), DAN and ADRC of the observation area / time / mode, data provision time and other related information.

*Request to DAN members:
Based on the information from DPN, please begin analyzing the data and inform RO and ADRC of the approximate time you expect to provide the analyzed product.

Requests to JPT Members
-Visit the OPTEMIS before a Disaster Strikes
The Sentinel Asia Project Office recommends that you visit the OPTEMIS of Sentinel Asia as soon as possible, before a disaster strikes your region. You will need a user ID and password to login. After you register to the OPTEMIS, administer will process your request within a working day.

OPTEMIS of Sentinel Asia: