Sentinel Asia, an international cooperation project launched with the aim of contributing to disaster management in the Asia-Pacific region using space technology.

Academic Papers

  • 2019

  • Multi-Source Data Fusion Based on Ensemble Learning for Rapid Building Damage Mapping during the 2018 Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami in Palu, Indonesia
    Satellite remote sensing for disaster management support: A holistic and staged approach based on case studies in Sentinel Asia (pp.417–432.)
    An Introduction to Applying Satellite Remote Sensing to Disaster Management (pp. 315)
  • 2016

  • Global trends in satellite-based emergency mapping, Science (pp. 247–252.)
  • 2015

  • Space-based response to the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake: Lessons learnt from JAXA’s support using earth observation satellites (pp. 134–153. )
  • 2013

  • Sentinel Asia: A space-based disaster management support system in the Asia-Pacific region (pp. 1–17.)
  • 2011

  • Sentinel Asia – space and ICT technologies towards disaster risk reduction across the Asia-Pacific region (pp. 123–126.)
  • 2010

  • Sentinel Asia Step2 – the Overview and Evolution from Step1 (pp. 56–61.)
  • 2008

  • Sentinel Asia – the next step (pp. 183-186.)
  • 2007

  • Sentinel Asia: supporting disaster management in the Asia-Pacific region (pp. 174-176.)
  • 2006

  • Sentinel Asia initiative for disaster management support in the Asia-Pacific region